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I’m Natalia. And this blog is my flow zone. We all have one (or more) but sometimes it’s hard to discover yours. Finding that thing/activity that has that “I don’t know what” that takes over you until you completely lose track of time and want to dedicate to it exclusively, sometimes is the result of research trial and error, a risky decision or – as it happened in my case- it’s just the result of coincidence.

This thing of being a blogger crossed my path when I least expected and, although Colorclap was born very naively, it aroused my curiosity and develops through exploration, leading me to “see” with new eyes my day by day and letting me rediscover things that I once took for obvious.

So here I am, letting myself -or at least trying- go with the flow, giving life eternal through photos and words to those moments that are worth collecting.

China Palacio de Verano

Yo soy Natalia. Y este blog es mi actividad flow. Todos tenemos una (0 más) pero no siempre es fácil descubrirla. Encontrar esa cosa/actividad que tiene ese “no sé qué” que logra que perdamos completamente la noción del tiempo y a la que desearíamos dedicarnos con exclusividad, a veces es producto de la búsqueda, otras del ensayo y error, inclusive del tomar riesgos o –como pasó en mi caso- sencillamente producto de la casualidad.

Esto de ser blogger se atravesó en mi camino cuando menos lo esperaba y, aunque Colorclap nació muy ingenuamente, despertó mi curiosidad y se transformó con la exploración, llevándome a “ver” con otros ojos mi día a día y permitiéndome redescubrir cosas antes daba por obvias.

Así que aquí estoy, dejándome llevar  –o por lo menos intentándolo- por la vida e inmortalizando en palabras e imágenes esos momentos que valen la pena coleccionar.

China Palacio de Verano

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About Jeans

I have to confess, I’m guilty of using jeans almost every day and I love it. It’s really easy to just put it on every morning but I’m making my best to not use it as a uniform, however when I found this appliqués from Revlon I couldn’t resist to buy it and without noticing it, it matched with one of my H&M jeans (don’t worry, I didn’t wear all my outfit in light blue jean).


Spring Colors!

I have to confess, having a blog have been much harder than I thought. The idea of this space was born when I was unemployed as a way to spend my free time doing something that made my happy, but nowadays, between my master and my internship, I have to push myself to update de blog, so please forgive me for being so inconsistent.


Good Vibes

As many of you already now, I’m back to college, which makes me a student, which reduces my budget to one of a student, so I have to be very careful with my daily expenses. The good news is that I have taken this moment of life as an opportunity to find new places that have, as we say, “the three B’s”: Bueno, Bonito y Barato (good, beautiful and economical).


Lets start at Mamá Framboise!

Hey everyone! I have to start this post sharing with you a choice I made recently:  I’m going to change a little bit the focus of this is space! Since Colorclap started almost a year ago many things have changed (I moved to a new country, went back to collage for a master and, basically, a lot of things in my lifestyle changed too), and because of that, creating tutorials wasn’t doing it for me anymore.